ALTERCONSULT's consultants are Human Resources professionals, experienced, available, reactive and very strongly devoted to their clients.


After a significant experience either in a company or in a consulting firm, our consultants are more than recruitment experts, they are also true analysts and good advisers when they deal with position specifications, qualifications required, issues at stake and human organizations


Our everyday professional commitment relies on these values:

  • altruism
  • respect
  • humility
  • integrity
  • and responsibility


Our deontology and our ethics concerning diversity are not negotiable and are supported by clear and displayed procedures for the publication of our recruitment ads via specialized associations and reliable networks.


Alter Consultsucceeds in the search of leaders and executive specialists in occupational fields such as:

  • Industry
  • Services
  • Distribution
  • Construction


Regarding the whole range of services proposed by ALTERCONSULT, we are able to intervene with a high level of expertise for the following occupations:

  • Executive Management
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Operations Manager, both technical and industrial
  • Purchase/Logistics /Supply chain
  • Quality Hygiene Security Environment
  • High Tech
  • ...

If you wish to contact us, please send an email to:

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Our services

Our services


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